2 Videos of UFO-Like Object seen pulsing in NC sky Sparks Online Debate

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Folks online are trying to determine the strange object in the skies just outside of Greensboro, captured in a video posted over the weekend.

See both videos!

1st video was taken by Bret Jones, who enjoys snapping pictures of birds, but recently was rolling on something out of the ordinary on Saturday, January 25. He initially described the object as a strange light in the sky near a plane.

“I just saw this flash in the corner of my vision. I look over and there’s a plane and I saw the flash again, but it was just near it. I already had my camera strapped to me and I started trying to capture it,” he said. “I told my wife I just saw a UFO and she said ‘oh yeah, again?’ but then I look at the video and scroll and I was just like I have no idea what that is!”

Some people argue it’s just a balloon, but Jones says the flashing silver and gold lights make him think otherwise.

“If I see evidence that it’s indisputable for me that it would be balloon then yeah I would say it’s just a balloon. But after 10 seconds, I couldn’t see it in the sky anywhere. Why would a balloon, if it was just twisting around, why wouldn’t I see it again,” he said.

2nd video was taken during a jetliner flight. The pilot noticed some weird lights and decided to pull out his smartphone to record this sighting. The result is this amazing camera footage of a UFO above a commercial jetliner. More pilots should do this.

So what is it? A spaceship? Experimental aircraft? A balloon?



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