Orangutan Trying To Fight Off An Excavator Destroying Its Home – ENOUGH HUMANS!

They fight for their lives, their homes, their families, just like humans. If humans can not see what they are doing with the orangutan, along with thousands of other species, I feel that ultimately we are doomed. Boycott all palm oil products. This is heartbreaking.

A animal rescue team

It captured the moment when an orangutan tried to prevent loggers from destroying their habitat in western Borneo.

The ape was filmed clinging to a tree when it was shot down in the Ketapang district and then grabbed onto a bulldozer as it moved.

Two members of the Orangutan Protection Unit of International Animal Rescue (IAR) came to the scene and tried to persuade the animal to come out of danger.

The orangutan’s actions slowed the loggers’ operation for a while, until it finally got off the fallen tree and disappeared through the brush.

The incident occurred in 2013, but IAR has just published the images to show the extent of the devastation caused to the natural habitat of endangered monkeys.

Lis Key, spokesperson for IAR, said:

“Since the images were taken, the Bornean orangutan has been reclassified as Critically Endangered, so the situation has gone from bad to worse to absolutely terrible.

“Without measures to stop deforestation, the orangutan’s future looks extremely bleak.

“Our team responds regularly to situations like these where an orangutan is stranded in the forest debris. “This scene is different only in that the bulldozer is still present and the clearing operation is still happening.”

I have a rescue and rehabilitation center in Ketapang, which houses more than 100 rescued orangutans of all ages that are being rehabilitated before being returned to their natural habitat.

L says: “In 2013, land clearance operations left the orangutans stranded.

“Then, in 2015, deadly forest fires occurred as a result of” slash-and-burn “agricultural practices and were aggravated by the El Niño weather system.

“It is estimated that the fires destroyed 5 million acres of forest in Indonesia.

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