25 Facts About Earth’s Atmosphere That Are Truly Majestic

Our atmosphere is one of the most protective and important parts of our planet. Responsible for sheltering us from the harsh conditions of outer space, such as solar radiation and space debris, the atmosphere is a complex structure.

Though we may not give it due credit in our daily lives, the world’s attention was turned to its layers in 2013 when veteran skydiver Felix Baumgartner took a capsule up to the highest levels of the stratosphere – about 120,000 feet above the Earth’s surface – and jumped.

His record-shattering free fall spawned a new wave of interest in space travel and atmospheric science (and a bit of notoriety for his sponsor, too).

In this list, we highlight facts about our atmosphere which aren’t well-known but should be for how important they are to our understanding of the world around us.

We discuss how the ozone layer was formed; how deserts form in the middle latitudes; How the northern and southern lights brighten the sky with their glow; and what causes the white streaks sometimes left by planes shooting through our atmosphere.

Be the smartest person at your next party with these 25 Facts About The Earth’s Atmosphere That Are Truly Majestic.

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