The Gulf Stream moves eastward after the North Pole

Today, European scientists began to talk about “global warming” on Earth more and more modest and quieter. And they can be understood, since the inhabitants of Europe and North America observe cooling rather than warming.

And since all scientific institutions and organizations exist for money of just European and American taxpayers, environmental scientists still have to somehow explain why “warming” turned out to be so cold, introducing into their reports more and more such a thing as “changing climate on the planet ”instead of“ global warming ”.

The most common explanation for the real cooling in Europe and North America due to “global warming” was the following: the warm Gulfstream, which practically carries European countries and the North American continent, has warmed the warm climate to which they are accustomed. And weakened precisely because of the warming and mass melting of the glaciers of Greenland.

Scientists explain that the so-called AMOC (Atlantic meridional overturning circulation) is practically a pump located west of Greenland, where more cold and salty water accumulates, which due to its high density sinks to the ocean floor, practically sucking warm water from the equator. But … due to the warming and mass melting of Greenland glaciers, the water in this place becomes less and less salty and cold every year, and therefore less dense, that is, the pump weakens, the Gulfstream also has a warm current, respectively, and therefore to Europe and America equatorial heat does not reach as a few decades ago.

Scientists suddenly discovered with surprise that if earlier the “ocean pump” was concentrated to the west of Greenland, today it has moved to its east. And this is puzzling researchers. The weakening of the “pump” seems understandable, but moving it is not. Ultimately, scientists have suggested that earlier measurements of salt water and their movement were not entirely accurate – that’s all. But if so, then the reasons for the weakening of the Gulf Stream are not entirely accurate.

Independent researchers came to the rescue of academic scholars who explained this displacement of the “ocean pump” by the fact that today the north magnetic pole is shifting in the same direction, they say, this mechanism dragged AMOC, and such cardinal changes affected the Gulf Stream itself. And if 20 years ago it worked as a watch, washing Europe and North America with warm waters, now it is getting weaker, and the reason is not “global warming” and melting of glaciers in Greenland, but some processes (supposedly whirlwinds) occurring with the planet itself.

However, the same conspiracy theorists suggest that orthodox scientists are well aware of all this, just such research data is not in the public domain – and it’s clear why: from people, much that can cause panic is simply concealed. But if this is so, then soon we will all see global changes taking place with our planet, personally, since the total shifts of the earth’s crust can be commensurate with the expected Apocalypse.

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