Something black is leaking from under the surface of Mars

Looking at the Martian images taken last year by the HiRISE camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter multifunctional automatic interplanetary station, European ufologists discovered something strange in two shots.

NASA’s Mars reconnaissance satellite captured two fresh craters, from which an incomprehensible dark substance oozes. The authors of the find report that one meteorite crashed into a flat surface area – and the mysterious liquid splashed far to the sides.

The second “heavenly wanderer” hit the slope of a Martian hill – and the liquid plentifully poured down. “Like a sewer burst,” the researchers write. In their opinion, it could be dirt, oil, or some other organic matter. Perhaps the Red Planet consists inside of just such a substance.

Orthodox scientists from the US National Space Agency are not in a hurry to comment on these images. They probably have no acceptable explanation for this phenomenon.

Independent researchers and ufologists are also confused now, because what happened is hard to interpret, even if we assume the presence of a civilization hiding somewhere in underground cities, or the presence of aliens. Apparently, this is some kind of natural Martian phenomenon, incomprehensible to earthlings – even those who for many years gave a serious study of the Red Planet, not to mention amateurs and just curious.
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