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Artificial Intelligence: When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes

Artificial intelligence is coming on in leaps and bounds and while many embrace the technology, others are wary of it. For those who are wary NVidia may cause some concern as they have come up with a way for AI to copy reality. An image translation artificial intelligence could have people guessing whether anything that they see online is real or fake.

NVidia Can Change Day To Night On Video With Artificial Intelligence

In October NVidia showed off their ability in technology associated with artificial intelligence that could generate images of fake people that were realistic. Now they have gone on to produce fake videos through artificial intelligence.

The AI does a great job in changing a video from day to night, winter turned to summer and even changing a video of a house cat into a cheetah. What is even more surprising is the fact that the artificial intelligence system can do it all with far less training than any other form of AI system.

Just as with the face generation AI software from NVidia, this new AI uses the algorithm with the name of the generative adversarial network, also known as GAN. Two neural networks work alongside each other and one makes the video or image and the other criticizes the work. The GAN needs a great deal of labeled data so that it can learn how to generate data of its own. Generally, the system would have to look at pairs of images that showed what the street looked like when it had snowed and when it was clear, and then it would generate an image of its own, with or without snow.

AI Can Guess How A Street Would Look Covered With Snow Or Rain

The new artificial intelligent image translation technology from NVidia is able to use its imagination to show was a street would look like if it was covered in snow without having to see the street that way according to researchers Jan Kautz and Ming-Yu Liu.


Lui went on to say that the research of the team is shared with the customers and product teams of NVidia. He revealed that he could not make any comment on just how fast or to what extent the artificial intelligence would be adopted, but he did say that there are many potentially interesting applications for it. One example was said to be that it is very rare that they get rain in California and they wanted to be sure that self-driving cars would operate in the rain properly. He said that they could use the artificial intelligence to turn driving in sunny weather to driving in rain to train the self-driving cars.

While there are many applications that are practical, the technology could also have whimsical ones too. The researchers said to imagine being able to see how your home might look in the future during the middle of winter or snow, or what a wedding location could look like during the fall when the ground is blanketed with leaves.

In The Future People Will Not Be Able To Distinguish Between Fake And Real

Of course, those who do not embrace AI technology have said that AI such as this could be used nefariously. If it was adopted widely a person’s ability to be able to trust any image or video just based on what the eyes tell them could be diminished. People would not know whether they were looking at reality or AI videos.

There is the possibility that video evidence might be inadmissible in court, while fake news could overtake the internet as real video news would become inseparable from that generated by artificial intelligence. For the time being, AI is limited to a few applications and until it does make its way into the hands of consumers there is really no way of telling just how it will make an impact on society.


Source: http://www.disclose.tv/

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